"How young are you? Are you satisfied with your life? Do you have fresh challenges ahead and new things to look forward to? Are you suffering from unfulfilled expectations? Have you come to terms with who you are and what life is about?"

file_pdf Sample 1 - Intro / Behaviour / Fear of loneliness
file_pdf Sample 2 - Ageing
file_pdf Sample 3 - East Timor
file_pdf Sample 4 - Poem
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by Ron Goldschlager and Adin Steinsaltz

order_now The Mystery of You is an exciting and thought-provoking look at ourselves and how we live our lives. It contains a rich tapestry of ideas, beliefs and experiences. It challenges the reader in many ways by confronting everyday issues, but always remaining interesting and easy to read. The first part of the book is written by Ron Goldschlager, a successful businessman and communal identity who cares deeply about humanity and our world. The second part is a series of articles by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, a philosopher, scholar, educator, advisor to many high-profile international leaders and prolific writer of over 70 books. Accompanying and complementing the text is a wonderful collection of paintings by Victor Majzner, some produced especially for this work. They are inspiring and colourful illustrations of the important themes in this book. In a positive and easy-to-digest manner, this book explores Jewish thought and belief, and offers a practical and creative perspective on eternal issues. It consists of seven chapters: Ageing; Belief and Bureaucracy; Continuity; Behaviour; Water, Life and Numbers; This is About Happiness; Science or Religion and Religion or Science.

International Edition
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