I am delighted to have a copy of The Mystery of You, written by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz and Ron Goldschlager, which is most impressive. It is a remarkable piece of scholarship.
- The Rt Hon Sir Zelman Cowen - former Governor General of Australia
The Mystery of You, by Ron Goldschlager and Adin Steinsaltz is a most unusual work. It is sprawling, ambitious, imaginative and courageous, if also at times a little undisciplined and chaotic! It leaps effortlessly over the apparent paradoxes between science and religion, bringing Einsteinian relativity and modern cosmology to the fray. Goldschlager gives us more than glimpses of a rich and fascinating life. One cannot help but admire the staunchness and intensity of his Jewish faith, which in the end brooks no argument.
- Sir Gustav Nossal - Professor Emeritus, The University of Melbourne
In The Mystery of You Ron Goldschlager and Adin Steinsaltz challenge the reader to question the way we live and what we believe. The Mystery of You reveals how ancient culture and traditions can be relevant to the issues facing society today.
- The Hon. Alexander Downer, former Minister for Foreign Affairs
I have started to look through this and it is a very interesting book indeed, full of wisdom and the information acquired by Ron in his journey through life.
- Ed Byrne - Vice Chancellor, Monash University
Ron Goldschlager poses the questions that thinking people ask about the hidden mysteries of life. His answers stimulate us to think about the nature of the universe and our role in it as human beings. This book is an attempt to confront the current fashion of atheism, by showing how God can be a source of compassion and harmony.
- Professor Mark Baker, Director of the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University
Ron Goldschlager is known and admired as a businessman and a philanthropist. Rabbi Steinzaltz is famous worldwide as an author. In The Mystery of You the rabbi and the businessman engage in a unique collaboration to explore the great questions of conscientious humans. The Mystery of You is a treasure trove of deep questing, original musings and classical wisdom.
- Mark Leibler AC
In this classic work of Everyman and the Sage, Ron Goldschlager is the everyman (although an uncommonly passionate common man), questing for enlightenment, and Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz is the Master. In mirror-image sections of the book the two enquire into the great question: “What is the good life?” The result is a unique book, a work for our times, enlivened by the blazing plates of artist Victor Majzner’s paintings.
- Rabbi Ralph Genende
A wonderful journey through Chile, East Timor, prayer, kosher, Shabbat, happiness and so much more in which the thinking reader will find reflections of both “Mystery” and “You”!
- Rabbi Faitel Levin - Rabbi, Brighton Hebrew Congregation, Dean, Melbourne Smicha Academy
A most enjoyable read - and for those of us who have the pleasure of knowing Ron the content of The Mystery of You can be of no surprise.  It is replete with his character; sincerity, warmth, humility, assuredness of direction and, above all, there's that bit of “Mystery in Him”.
- Walter Rapoport - Chairman, Executive Committee Council of Christians & Jews (Vic)
Have you ever wondered how a religion or spirituality works? What it does for people who practise it? This book provides a very accessible window on how being a Jew and taking this religion seriously works. It is not preachy, but self-disclosing in a way that endears, informs and provides a deep understanding of several characters and their religion. This is a much needed contribution to interreligious understanding - a clear depiction of how one faith works for these people.
- Professor, the Reverend Gary D Bouma, UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Studies, Monash University
Dear Ron,
On behalf of the Board of the Australian Friends of Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem, we are all very proud of what you have accomplished. I have personally read your book and feel very inspired and spiritually energised.
- Dr Allan S. Garfield - Australian Friends of Shaare Zedek Hospital
The range of matters covered by Ron looks forbidding, but knowing you, your friend will have traversed the subjects wisely and with considerable thoughtfulness. I look forward to reading the work in the full knowledge I could never do it myself.
- David Mortimer - Chairman, Australia Post
Prof. Rivka Carmi M.D. - President - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev